Hilary Ellis

Hilary Ellis

Hillary Ellis has a BA in Fine Art and a MA in Printmaking. She works from her home studio in Kent, and exhibits in the UK and internationally (Ellis, nd a).

Making links to my drawings and generating ideas for approaching work.

How do I begin to choose works, when Ellis’ entire portfolio is an inspiration? Although she employs traditional drawing media for some work, it is predominantly layers of texture, drawn upon with stitches or beads. Simple marks, which in aggregate produce intriguing textural pieces.

Un-Stitched Inspiration:

Lost in Lace I, 2014
Pen drawing

Stone Circles III, 2016
Dry point and watercolour on Japanese paper on aluminium

Collage I, 2018

Marking Time (detail), 2018

Her works “speak quietly of an enduring and persistent nature that dwells quietly within the realm of traditional womens’ work and its often futile repetitions. The nature of these discreet yet insistent marks, scratches and stitches appear as an overwhelming desire, signifying the chaos cloaked beneath every search for order.”
– Hillary Ellis (Ellis, nd b).

Stitched Inspiration:
These works inspire me to throw out my pens and pencils and get straight down to stitching! Also, to experiment more boldly with scratching and paint and exotic papers, as Ellis uses on her backgrounds.

Mesh II, 2018

Shades of Pale, 2016

Homage to Dorothy Napangardi, 2012

Tide V (detail), 2011

Random Order V , 2011

In a Dark Place, 2017

It was fantastic to find Homage to Dorothy Napangardi, since I also find Australian aboriginal art so inspiring.

Enmeshed, 2017

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Ellis, H. (2011) Random Order V , detail,
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Ellis, H. (2011) Tide V, detail,
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Ellis, H. (2012) Homage to Dorothy Napangardi,
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Ellis, H. (2012) Mesh II, detail,
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Ellis, H. (2014) Lost in Lace I, detail,
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Ellis, H. (2016) Shades of Pale, detail,
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Ellis, H. (2016) Stone Circles III, detail,
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Ellis, H. (2017) Enmeshed, detail,
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Ellis, H. (2017) In a Dark Place, detail,
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Ellis, H. (2018) Collage I,
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Ellis, H. (2018) Marking Time, detail,
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