Alison Carlier

Alison Carlier

Alison Carlier is a Dorking, UK, based artist who incorporates audio into her installations and drawing, and remarkably won the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2014 for a purely audio ‘drawing (BBC, 2014), She is a Fine Art graduate of University of the Creative Arts (UCA).

Making links to my drawings and generating ideas for approaching work.

Carlier challenges the concept that drawing must be visual. Her Jerwood Drawing Prize piece, Adjectives, lines and marks, is a 1:15 min audio of the artist reading text describing a Roman Pot. She states, “The text seems to align itself, or suggest, marks on a 2D surface” (A-N, 2014).

I was nervous about posting my first, visceral responses to drawing the pineapple – making prints and rubbings – as I thought this was ‘outside-the-rules’ of the task. I also worried that my cut-out silhouette and 3-D cutouts were ‘wrong’. But Carlier’s work emboldens me to value these responses to materials and widen my idea of drawing, to all kinds of record making.

“The text charts the object as your eye might when studying a detailed observational drawing; describing tone, materiality and form. The words used are reminiscent of drawing materials; black crumbly shards of charcoal or dark dusty conte. The affect on the brain is the same as in a visual drawing, only the information is received by listening rather than looking.”
Alison Carlier (Aesthetica Magazine, 2014)

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