Print Day in May

Capricornia Printmakers recently participated in Print Day in May. Our theme was ‘Abstraction of Self’, and you can see my lino print above, a rather serious photo taken via my laptop and converted into a block. Here is the finished piece:

26 & 27 January, 2022

A different variation on the circle theme: mono-printed fabric yesterday, and a sample block today. Have a weekend away in May with my quilting coven, so needed a quilty project. All ready to sew, sew, sew … just need to keep away from it until the assigned date, despite itching sewing fingers!

24 April, 2022

This weekend, I have done a little online workshop with Jenny Grant in Sweden I intended to watch some of the content, but not really follow along too closely … as I am so busy this weekend! But I became intrigued, and made a little piece anyway! I have never ever drawn a face before … More 24 April, 2022

22 & 23 April, 2022

Continuing work on the Harmonices Mundi series. I am enjoying focussing on this series. Each piece takes several days as I plan, paint and wait for parts to dry, stich; and they are at least twice the size of a postcard. I am not worried that I am not finishing a piece every day. After … More 22 & 23 April, 2022