Wind Blown and Sea Soaked

I saw this photo the other day, and thought I’d add it here for you.

I made this work in 2021. It is an ode to a lone mangrove on Kemp Beach on the Capricorn Coast.

I collected the bright orange leaves discarded by red mangroves and washed up on the beach. I then dyed various fabrics: silk, linen, cotton, wool with the extract using different mordants. The colours are entirely produced from the mangrove leaves.

After laying down and quilting the background, I appliqued the mangrove tree from a drawing I made on the beach:

I thought I’d share some of my journal pages for you …

I was lucky enough to get a second in Viewer’s Choice at the Queensland Quilters show in 2021.

2 thoughts on “Wind Blown and Sea Soaked

  1. Congratulations on your recent success. The mangrove piece is beautiful. I love the soft colours from your dyed fabrics.

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