Reflection Reflect on what I’ve learned over the duration of the projects; what I’ve gained from observing and developing materials and textiles. The greatest insight I obtained throughout the exercises is how drawing can function as a jumping off point rather than an end-point in itself. Appreciating this intent behind drawing is freeing and allows … More Reflection

New Ideas in Fusing Fabric by Margaret Beal

I needed to research using a soldering iron to further my investigations for Assignment 2 of my A Textiles Vocabulary course. What a boon to find Margaret Beal’s work! I purchased her New Ideas in Fusing Fabric: Creative cutting, bonding and mark-making with the soldering iron (2013) published by Batsford, one of their wonderful series … More New Ideas in Fusing Fabric by Margaret Beal

Assignment Two

Brief Develop a series of three stitched pieces showing: a sense of repetition, variety of scale and a placement design. Piece #1 Piece #2 Piece #3 Sketchbook All my sketchbook pages relating to this project are here. Choosing Imagery The stitched plastic piece from Exercise 2.3 intrigued me: the serendipitous discovery that the straight lines … More Assignment Two

Exercise 2.3 Drawing with Stitch onto Paper

Drawing with stitch onto prepared paper surfaces. Sample 1 Pineapple Spikes Drawing Substrate I put loops around the snipped paper to mimic the overall shapes around the pineapple skin spikes: I wasn’t happy with this. It lacked the ‘scrappiness’ of the drawing and the fine detail. Using a finer thread to add more stitches was … More Exercise 2.3 Drawing with Stitch onto Paper

Peter Clark

Overview Peter Clark is a British collage artist based in London, originally from Yorkshire. He held senior artistic positions at major television production houses and focused on television and advertising for most his career. However, in 1999, he began making commissioned collages. This is now his full-time occupation (EIL, nd). Artist’s statement: “I create in … More Peter Clark

Angie Lewin

One of weaknesses I identified in my drawing, which was echoed by my lecturer: “These drawings have become quite controlled in your application of media so I would urge you to try and loosen up even when recording specific detail of your subject matter” I was referred to Angie Lewin, “as reference to an artist … More Angie Lewin