NEW 365 Challenge Quilt Available!

Exciting News!

My long awaited NEW 365 Challenge Quilt is now available! Three years in the making, I’m excited to finally share it with you.

Stars 1 July

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Make a quilt block every day for a year! AGAIN

A brand new 365 Challenge. This time, a show-stopping quilt called Star of Wonder, where every block celebrates all things celestial, astronomical and heavenly. Introducing …

Star of Wonder
80″ x 80″

Just like last time, I’ll present a new quilt block, every day, for 365 days. Your challenge: To complete the blocks every day, and build a stunning 80″ square sampler quilt.

The fun is in not knowing which block you will get each day!

This is the year to enrol in this quilt!

This year ONLY:

  • I will be making the quilt right along with you;
  • There will be weekly live-streamed Q&A sessions;
  • The dates will correspond to real world. The layout is far too complex to change things like Easter and full moons.


Take a peek at the details in the Course Curriculum Preview in Teachable.

Stars 1 July

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