Cas Holmes

How does this artist select, apply and alter their chosen materials? Overview Cas Holmes is an UK artist who exhibits, teaches and runs projects throughout the world, and in collaboration with other artists. The statement on her website: “Paint dye, layer and stitch are combined with discarded cloth, paper and found materials to create unique … More Cas Holmes

Peter Clark

Overview Peter Clark is a British collage artist based in London, originally from Yorkshire. He held senior artistic positions at major television production houses and focused on television and advertising for most his career. However, in 1999, he began making commissioned collages. This is now his full-time occupation (EIL, nd). Artist’s statement: “I create in … More Peter Clark

Angie Lewin

One of weaknesses I identified in my drawing, was echoed by my lecturer: “These drawings have become quite controlled in your application of media so I would urge you to try and loosen up even when recording specific detail of your subject matter” I was referred to Angie Lewin, “as reference to an artist that … More Angie Lewin

Mary Elizabeth Barron

Overview Mary Elizabeth Barron is an artist based in Logan, Queensland who makes bobbin lace from plastic bags. Works When I saw this post on Facebook, announcing Barron’s exhibition in Logan, it intrigued me, as I was working with a antique bobbin lace handkerchief made in the 1920s by my husband’s grandmother. The videos on … More Mary Elizabeth Barron

Elizabeth Blackadder

Research Why are floral/leaf motifs so important, dominant or recurring in this artist’s work? Iris Oncocylus, 1996 Elizabeth Blackadder is a Scottish artist born in Falkirk in 1931. She is one of the “most prominent Scottish artists alive today” (Browse and Derby) and the first woman to be elected to both the Royal Scottish Academy … More Elizabeth Blackadder

Roanna Wells

Roanna Wells Overview Roanna Wells is a Sheffield, UK based fine-artist. “My practice is an intuitive expression of quiet order, subtle structure and collected detail, which is offset by a curiosity into the spontaneous and accidental marks or residues of nature, human interaction and the hand made process.” (Wells, nd a). Brushmark Series Some of … More Roanna Wells

Debbie Smyth

Debbie Smyth Overview “Debbie Smyth is textile artist most identifiable by her statement thread drawings; these playful yet sophisticated contemporary artworks are created by stretching a network of threads between accurately plotted pins” (Smyth, nd a). Her work takes the thread pictures of the 70’s into exciting new directions. HiConnect X Soho Myriad, 2015, detail. … More Debbie Smyth

Hilary Ellis

Hilary Ellis Overview Hillary Ellis has a BA in Fine Art and a MA in Printmaking. She works from her home studio in Kent, and exhibits in the UK and internationally (Ellis, nd a). Works Making links to my drawings and generating ideas for approaching work. How do I begin to choose works, when Ellis’ … More Hilary Ellis

Alison Carlier

Alison Carlier Overview Alison Carlier is a Dorking, UK, based artist who incorporates audio into her installations and drawing, and remarkably won the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2014 for a purely audio ‘drawing (BBC, 2014), She is a Fine Art graduate of University of the Creative Arts (UCA). Works Making links to my drawings and … More Alison Carlier

Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois Overview Parisian born Louise Bourgeois’ early career focussed on painting and printmaking, but turned to sculpture in the late 1940’s (MOMA, nd a). Over the following decades, her work was “alternating between forms, materials, and scale, and veering between figuration and abstraction became a basic part of Bourgeois’s vision, even while she continually … More Louise Bourgeois