Exercise 2.1 Selecting

Choose drawings with most exciting qualities in terms of: line, marks, texture, scale, pattern and surface.

I tried to choose drawings with a variety of connotations to give myself as wide a scope as possible.

Drawing 1 – Edges and Seams (Coconut Inside)

This one was chosen for its very delicate marks, with subtle, interesting swirls that look a bit like watermarks. It also has a layered quality.

Drawing 2 – Hook and Eye

This one stood out because it was dark, suggested shininess and three dimensionality, but also, very close up the shading has a mottled texture.

Drawing 3 – Gerbera (Copper Engraving Style)

Nice bold lines to play with in this drawing, of different widths and lengths, light and dark.

Drawing 4 – Voile Grid

The repeating pattern attracted me to this; it is both careful and precise, yet varying.

Drawing 5 – Pineapple

I like the loose, scribbly style which gives an interesting texture to the body of the pineapple.

Drawing 6 – Goggles

This one had to be included, as it is one of the few drawings with arcs and curves!

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