Sources and Media

Decisions on subject and media.

As it is winter in Rockhampton and many of the native flowers are in bud waiting for Spring, my choice of subject is limited. I want to select a plant from my garden which will provide an abundant source of material, because:
* Travel is restricted due to controlling covid-19; and
* My drawings will be produced over a number of weeks. A single bloom will have limited value; I need to be able to pick fresh flowers and foliage for each drawing session.

The most interesting flowers in my garden are:
* red hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis);
* Bauhinia tree (Bauhinia variegata);
* my daughter’s collection of Gerbera jamesonii; and
* my Dietes grandiflora.

I chose the Gerbera because they present the opportunity to use different colours.

I was absolutely enthralled by the work of Timorous Beasties and Elizabeth Blackadder when assessing which artists to examine more closely for Research Point 2. As I tried to boil down their appeal, two main areas for exploration emerged:
* watercolour
* botanical accuracy.

In my Introductory Project, I absolutely amazed myself with my rendition of the red Hibisus. To observe and capture a subject in some detail, with information about colour, is fundamental to my on-going development. It is the jumping off point for using original material for inspiration. Coming from a professional background that included no art, I feel I need to get my drawing/painting to a useful level. To this end, I enrolled in a short online course to furnish some watercolour basics, so that I could develop this competency in this exercise.

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