Exercise 1.5 Collage and Creases

Exercise 1.5

Explore collage as a drawing technique.

I’ve never made a collage, so found this exercise a bit daunting. However, once I got going I loved the technique. This is definitely something to which I will return at a later stage.


I spent some time chasing a piece of paper with adjoining circles, for this piece. When it could not be had, I had to consider other papers which would convey the complexity of the bobbin lace. I settled on the pages of an old novel. This was for the best, in the end, as it made me look at the handkerchief in an entirely new way … which was the aim, after all. I could use the direction of the text to indicated the overall pattern direction; and, scissor cuts versus tearing to denote whether lines were definite or diffuse.


The subtle colour changes of envelope interiors and their speckled pattern were perfect to depict the collar.

Going back to the tried and true here: light, medium and dark materials. Works well. With this collage, I see for the first time how I can truly draw/paint with pieces of paper. Exciting.