Exercise 1.6 Detail and Definition

Exercise 1.6

Represent the fine detail of the items from the Archive selection.


I wanted to capture the intricate weave of the bobbin lace. As I had seen that each thread was made of hundreds of individual fibres, I sought a way to express this. I started by trialling a couple of toothbrushes with which to paint, but the marks seemed too scruffy and didn’t mimic the smooth texture. I settled on a large stencil brush, after trying a couple of sizes.

I was still not happy with the result. This was not representing the picture I had in my mind. I tried again with chalk on black paper, so that I could create the texture. More expressive.


Detail of the hook and loop that Dorothy added to the collar:

Bed Jacket

I wanted to capture the way the threads of the voile were pushed aside by the thick rayon strands: