23 February, 2022

I’ve discovered the work of US textile artist Ilze Aviks, and purchased her workbook, The Stitched Mark. What a wonderful collection of exercises! I’m working my way through them as I have time, and here are the first: #365ChallengePostcards

8 February, 2022

What is essential? I broke a copy of yesterday’s piece down further and further until it became so abstracted that the focal point was lost to determine what was really essential to this design. The swimming cap!

31 January, 2022

Not a postcard size … but today’s output, and I don’t have time to make a postcard too. Part of my ‘homework’ for an excellent online course I’m doing: Working in a Series with Lisa Call.

Palm Textures

A reconnaissance of my garden for inspiration, and it came in great cascades with the palm tree in our front garden. Inspiring textures galore: I’ve started doing a couple of short courses in the last weeks: Inspired by Nature – exploring Mixed Media with Tara Axford through Fibre Arts Take Two (my first assignment was … More Palm Textures

Cas Holmes

How does this artist select, apply and alter their chosen materials? Overview Cas Holmes is an UK artist who exhibits, teaches and runs projects throughout the world, and in collaboration with other artists. The statement on her website: “Paint dye, layer and stitch are combined with discarded cloth, paper and found materials to create unique … More Cas Holmes