January 3, 2022

Sketching today, to capture some spontaneity. My last couple of pieces have seemed very ‘forced’, so I wanted to work quickly today. I’m also back at work after being on holiday over Christmas and New Year, so I need to speed up my mornings!#365challengepostcards

January 2, 2022

More butterfly lino cuts, one on silk organza. Collage, hand dyed silk, and recycled sari silk, watercolour paper, hand stitch. Wish I hadn’t printed all the butterflies smack-bang in the middle of the paper; makes composition tricky … but that is what this challenge is all about. Learning, practice, flexing my creative muscles. “To practice … More January 2, 2022

January 1, 2022

I cut a lino block yesterday, as I needed to make some birthday cards for January. I had 2022 very much on my mind, and decided butterflies were a perfect metaphor for the new year: that we all come out of our cocoons soon, a new start, new life. So the lino prints became my … More January 1, 2022

Palm Textures

A reconnaissance of my garden for inspiration, and it came in great cascades with the palm tree in our front garden. Inspiring textures galore: I’ve started doing a couple of short courses in the last weeks: Inspired by Nature – exploring Mixed Media with Tara Axford through Fibre Arts Take Two (my first assignment was … More Palm Textures

Cas Holmes

How does this artist select, apply and alter their chosen materials? Overview Cas Holmes is an UK artist who exhibits, teaches and runs projects throughout the world, and in collaboration with other artists. The statement on her website: “Paint dye, layer and stitch are combined with discarded cloth, paper and found materials to create unique … More Cas Holmes

New Ideas in Fusing Fabric by Margaret Beal

I needed to research using a soldering iron to further my TRANSLUCENCE investigations. What a boon to find Margaret Beal’s work! I purchased her New Ideas in Fusing Fabric: Creative cutting, bonding and mark-making with the soldering iron (2013) published by Batsford, one of their wonderful series of fabric covered textile art books. After an … More New Ideas in Fusing Fabric by Margaret Beal


Brief Develop a series of three stitched pieces showing: a sense of repetition, variety of scale and a placement design. Piece #1 Piece #2 Piece #3 Choosing Imagery The stitched plastic piece from Exercise 2.3 intrigued me: the serendipitous discovery that the straight lines took on curved edges when stitched into this medium and seemed … More Assignment