January 11, 2022

An experiment today. An abstraction of the tiny lines that make up the overall pattern on the orchid I’ve been painting. Watercolour, silk and cotton threads. #365ChallengePostcards

January 5, 2022

More butterflies. I wasn’t happy with the boxy embroidery from the 2 January sample, so I tried some ‘loop de loop’ pattern instead. Incorporating the 3D organza butterfly as well as popping up one wing on the paper butterfly today.Definitely more craft than art, I think. Does it matter? It has made me think about … More January 5, 2022

January 3, 2022

Sketching today, to capture some spontaneity. My last couple of pieces have seemed very ‘forced’, so I wanted to work quickly today. I’m also back at work after being on holiday over Christmas and New Year, so I need to speed up my mornings!#365challengepostcards