Mary Elizabeth Barron

Overview Mary Elizabeth Barron is an artist based in Logan, Queensland who makes bobbin lace from plastic bags. Works When I saw this post on Facebook, announcing Barron’s exhibition in Logan, it intrigued me, as I was working with a antique bobbin lace handkerchief made in the 1920s by my husband’s grandmother. The videos on … More Mary Elizabeth Barron

Wabi Sabi

Consider the Japanese concept of ‘wabi-sabi’. “Wabi-sabi is a beauty of imperfect, impermanent and incomplete” (Koren, p. 7) is the usual definition of the Japanese aesthetic arising from the ancient tea ceremonies. After reading Koren’s little book, my understanding of wabi-sabi is that it is as much about the viewer as the object being viewed. … More Wabi Sabi

Exercise 1.4 Lines and Edges

Exercise 1.4 Different qualities of line to depict the Archive selection. Handkerchief Woven leaf. Giant permanent marker on drawing cartridge. It’s almost like a zebra stripe! Good to incorporate the giant marker into my repertoire, having never used one before. This drawing helped my understand the woven part of the bobbin lace. There is more … More Exercise 1.4 Lines and Edges